4 reasons to visit the island of Krk

The largest Croatian island, due to its beauty, since ancient times it was called the Golden island (insula aurea) will impress all its visitors. The mild Mediterranean climate, the blue Adriatic sea, an impressive historical and cultural heritage, make Krk is one of the most beautiful Croatian Islands. Just for You we have added four more reasons for which You should not miss this enchanting island on your holidays in Croatia.

  1. Excellent transport links

Krk, unlike some other Islands, excellent transport links with the mainland with a road, air and sea transport. The island of Krk is separated from the coast by a narrow Strait, through which in 1980 was built 1430м long Krcki bridge. The nearest big city of Rijeka. Montarina is paid only on the transition from the mainland to the island. On the island of Krk is located Rijeka airport, near omišalj. The island is also connected by regular ferry lines to the island of RAB ( Valbiska – Lopar) and the island of Cres ( Valbiska — Merag ).

  1. The rich tourist offer

The name of one of the most popular tourist destinations of Krk can, among other things, to be grateful for its varied tourist offer. Krk is an ideal place for families with children, for romantics and adventurers in search of adrenaline.

For families with children we recommend to visit the Aquarium in the Head in the center of the city. Here you can visit the marine life of the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea, which is located in 20 aquariums on the area more than 200 m2. In the Aquarium also features one of the largest collections of shells and snails in the Adriatic. The entrance to the Museum for children under 5 years free.

Krk also boasts Terarium, which is in the tank. In Terrii can see the magnificent but dangerous animals such as Royal Python or Caiman, but also safe, such as iced chameleon or leopard Gecko.


If you want to look into the depths of the Adriatic sea and to approach its colorful inhabitants, bring your diving equipment, because Krk is full of beautiful and attractive places for diving: from Plica Tenki, the range that starts from 3 m depth and the deepest point 40 m with abundant wildlife (octopus, crab, sea sponge, Golden spar), to Plastasia about Sewing, where you can arrange a visit to the Greek Peltastes ship, which sank in the 60 years of the twentieth century.

Other sports are allocated wakeboarding in Punat, in the South-Western part of Krk. Adrenalinka for this sport You need only the desire and good swimming skills.

After the sea adventure back to the mainland and admire the impressive cave of Biserujka near Rudina. The cave consists of three halls: the Great hall, Bridges and Imprezy room. Tropical summer evening on the island of Krk is full of diverse and interesting events. In mid-July in omišalj in the ancient town of Mirin -Fulfinum is resurrected the era of Roman emperors. Listen to music from those times, then visit the Roman camp, the Roman hair salon. Put a toga and a few evenings become resident of the legendary Roman Empire.

Fans of the figs in late August, when is the Day Fig, in all restaurants can try all sorts of dishes with this sweet Mediterranean fruits.

  1. Amazing beaches

The Krk can enjoy the benefits of clean and healthy Adriatic sea. In addition, the beaches of the island of Krk is very popular because they meet the preferences of guests of different profiles. Even 15 beaches received an honorary award Blue flag and other beaches, You are sure to find the perfect place. If you are interested in more information about the beaches of the island of Krk and which one You choose, read our article on the 5 best beaches of the island of Krk.

Tips for travelling

Children and youth will love the beach in the Bay of Klimno, which is famous for its healing mud. The sea is shallow and warm, so the beach is ideal for sports and creative games with your kids. Be sure to visit the village of Klimno is where can cafes or restaurants to try the fresh seafood.

  1. Wine Zlahtina

Vrbnik on Krk widely known for its wine Zlahtina. This wine of Golden color and light flavor, perfect refreshment in hot summer days. Krk’s so proud of his wine that gave him a three-day festival Zlahtina, which is held in July. This is actually the Days of open cellars, when you have the opportunity to Vinski the train to visit the wine and participate in wine tasting. wonderful.

Don’t worry if You miss this Festival Zlahtina have another chance in the last weekend in August, when are the Wine Days Krk. In addition to Zlahtina, you can try wines from other regions of Croatia.

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