Marine biological center on the island Krk – Programs & Prices

Marine biology on the island Krk

In order to bring you closer to the underwater world of the beautiful Adriatic Sea, travel agency Krk Adria opens you the doors of the marine biological center on the island Krk.

The aim of this center and what staff is trying to bring closer to the visitors is the underwater world, its beauty and uniqueness, but also the importance of its preservation, respect and protection.

All this is presented through fun and educational workshops, courses, seminars, lectures, activities at sea which are held in the center from April to October.

Professional staff of the center transfer their knowledge to the participants in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Dutch language.

Marine biological center is situated by the sea on the west coast of the island, and has equipped classrooms, equipment, and all needed literature.

A marine biology can teach all ages. In the center are held special workshops and courses for children, adults, divers, schools or colleges, but also experts in this field.

It is necessary to pre-book the place in the group.

Choose one of the programs below, and be part of our team for a day and meet the sea in a fun and educational way!

Marine biology presentation for children up to age 14

Price per person

5 €

Marine biology presentation for adults

Price per person

7 €

Marine biology program Sea explorers

  • program lasts for 2 days, 4 hours per day
  • children need a towel and bathing equipment

The program is for children from 5 to 10 years of age.

In a very interesting and educational way, our team teach them about marine life in our seas and identify about 20 different species of fish and their anatomy.

Children are making traps that are set into the sea on the most appropriate place, and the next day they are taken out, they placed them in an aquarium, and the children are taught about the caught fish, crab, herbs … and what they do and why they live in our sea.

After the lecture the catch is being returned to the sea.

Price per person

20 €

Book accommodation near the marine biology center

*Mask, snorkel and fins can be rented at the center for 5,00 euro

Snorkeling and marine biology

This program is created for all the lovers of the sea. Our team is trying to bring you closer underwater world by education and snorkeling. Participants can learn all about fish anatomy and identification of individual species. Under the control of our experienced team, they dive along the coast and exploring the beautiful coastline where you can find many crabs, fishes,…

The program takes about 3 hours, from 09:00 to 12:00.

Price per person

30 €

*For 8 or more participants we approve discounts!

*Mask, snorkel and fins can be rented at the center for 5,00 euro

Marine biological boat trip with snorkeling

  • course lasts for 4 hours
  • participants need to have a towel, swimming and snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) *

The program is designed for everyone – children, adults, families.

Through this program, participants can learn about the types of flora and fauna that inhabit our sea. A well organized team of marine biological center will teach participants all about the anatomy and way of life of fishes, crabs, sponges, … With snorkeling you will be able to experience every detail.

In addition to being educational, this program is also a boat trip to neighboring islands and beautiful bays of the island of Krk.

Price per person

45 €

*Mask, snorkel and fins can be rented at the center for 5,00 euro

All day marine biology program

A professional team of marine biological center is trying to bring closer to the participants the sea and underwater world in a very interesting and entertaining way. Lectures are held in a tent by the sea equipped for this type of education.

We recommend this program to all lovers of sea and shore diving.

10:00 Presentation of the expert team to the participants
10:15 Start of education about the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean
11:00 Identification of various fish specific for underwater of island Krk. Presentation of the different species of fish and plants in a tent or a diving center
11:30 Presentation of marine biology, for example, Sharks – a miracle of nature or the fear of the sea
12:30 Free time
13:30 Diving in the Bay St. Peter. The participants are taught how to use a mask, snorkel and fins, and how to safely dive and swim. Divided into groups, participants are exploring flora and fauna in the sea of which they previously learned
15:30 Exchanging of experiences on diving and marine research, and useful ideas.

Medal for participants.

16:00 The end of the sea – biological program

In this program can be incorporated boat trip and snorkeling. In that case, the program starts at 9:00 and ends at 18:00.

Price per person

60 €


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