Top 5 destinations in Croatia for the summer of 2018

The dangerous summer is approaching and You still do not know where to spend your well-deserved vacation? Croatia, especially its rugged coastline, is definitely an inexhaustible source of inspiration. To help You narrow down your choices, we have chosen 5 destinations in Croatia You can visit this summer. From Opatija on the Kvarner to Hvar in Central Dalmatia hope You will find your perfect place to stay.

1. Opatija

In the summer of 2017 will visit one of the oldest tourist destinations in Croatia Opatija, which for two centuries attracts its visitors. The Austro-Hungarian charm, 12 km long promenade Lungomare, which stretches through the villages of Volosko, ičići, IKA and Lovran, lush green parks, surrounded by clear sea and homemade seafood at nearby restaurants are just some of the reasons why guests at first sight fall in love with this city. Opatija is ideal for those who want to enjoy a peaceful stay.

If you want to watch the sunset from the balcony, choose from our offer apartments or rooms with views of the sea, and if You have a pet, book the accommodation in which the permitted peti.

In Opatija and Lovran has beaches for dogs. Between Icechim and Kvarner Bay, a pebbly beach at Punta Kolova, while the dog beach in Lovran is located near the Villa Frappart.

2. The Island Of Krk

The island of Krk is the largest Croatian island located in Kvarner. Since ancient times,because of its beauty, known as the “Golden island” and is a very popular tourist destination. It is not surprising that the island of Krk is the cradle of Croatian culture. Bascanska ploca, the oldest Croatian monument written in the Glagolitic alphabet, was created in Krk, and the imposing castle of the aristocratic family Frankopan family in the town of Krk, shows the rich history of this island.

Sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches adorned with the Blue flag, up to 15 flags, and many of them are suitable for families with children or Pets, and some for naturists. On many beaches, restaurants, cafes and various facilities for children.

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Arrival to Krk by car much easier the bridge that connects it to the mainland. Map for bridge (private cars) is 35 kunas (approximately 4 euros).

3. Zadar

The famous Director Alfred Hitchcock said that Zadar has the world’s most beautiful sunset. The creators of the building greeting to the sun certainly had in mind his statement when he created this unique design. In addition to the Sun Salutation, Zadar is also famous for its Sea organ, whose music is created by floating the waves. Placed next to each other, which makes the Riva promenade is pleasant for eyes and ears.
Zadar offers a combination of antique and Renaissance architecture, rich cultural offerings and exciting nightlife in the heart of the city. Perhaps that is why in 2016, was proclaimed Best European destination, which is another reason to visit it this summer.

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Sun salutation is an easy light installation, clearly visible after sunset. We recommend you to visit it at night (about 22 hours). Perhaps the night will be chilly, so bring clothes with long sleeves.

4. Sibenik

Located between Zadar and split and close to the National parks Kornati and Krka. Reserve apartment or room and then visit one of 4 fortresses of šibenik with buyout offers amazing views of the city and the nearby Islands, take a walk through the city center and count the carved heads on the walls of the Cathedral. James, take to the beach Baths, which also offers facilities for families with children.

If you want more, go 1.5 km-long island of Obonjan near Sibenik, where you can do yoga, swim, listen to different artists from Croatia and from all over the world or just sit back and enjoy cocktails on one of the hidden beaches.

Just 8 km from šibenik Dubrava is Sokoryansky center, the only in Croatia. Look straight into the eyes of one of the many birds of prey, which worried the staff until they are released. The center will be interesting for children where they can learn a lot about hawks and other predators.
5. Stari Grad (island of Hvar)

The title of the best European tourist destinations portal Best european destination by 2016. went to the town of Zadar, and this year, the list of Top 15 travel destinations came in Stari Grad, on Hvar island. Unlike Hvar, which has become an integral focus of world stars, such as Bill Gates or Beyonce, this 2400-year old city is not so saturated with mass tourism. Due to its interesting sights and the status of UNESCO World heritage sites (the historical part of the city) and the slow pace of life, Stari Grad must visit all who want to recharge their batteries.

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