Where is the best view of Perth City?

1. Kings Park

Kings Park is one of the most popular locations to enjoy panoramic views of Perth City. Located just minutes away from the city center, this park offers stunning vistas of the city skyline, Swan River, and the surrounding greenery.

2. Matilda Bay

If you want to combine breathtaking views with a relaxing atmosphere, head to Matilda Bay. Situated on the banks of Swan River, this tranquil spot provides a great vantage point to admire the cityscape while enjoying a picnic or a leisurely walk.

a. Point Resolution

Within Matilda Bay, Point Resolution offers an elevated viewpoint with unobstructed views of Perth City. You can capture stunning photos of the skyline, especially at sunset when the buildings are bathed in warm golden light.

3. Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is a popular spot among fitness enthusiasts and those looking for a scenic workout. This stairway, located near Kings Park, offers a challenging climb and rewards you with breathtaking views of the city at the top.

a. DNA Tower

Once you reach the top of Jacobs Ladder, continue a short distance to the DNA Tower in Kings Park. Climb the tower for a bird’s-eye view of Perth City, the river, and the lush green surroundings.

4. Elizabeth Quay

For a modern and vibrant cityscape view, visit Elizabeth Quay. This waterfront development offers a range of entertainment options, as well as stunning perspectives of the city skyline, bridge, and Swan River.

Where is the best view of Perth City?

a. The Bell Tower

A visit to Elizabeth Quay is not complete without ascending The Bell Tower. From its observation deck, you can enjoy sweeping views of Perth City and its surroundings, including the river, parks, and historic buildings.

5. South Perth Foreshore

Another fantastic view of Perth City can be found from the South Perth Foreshore. Take a stroll along the riverbank or relax in one of the numerous riverfront parks while enjoying the picturesque panorama of the city.

a. Sir James Mitchell Park

Within South Perth Foreshore, Sir James Mitchell Park provides an ideal spot for a picnic or barbecue with an excellent view of Perth City. You can also find convenient access to the ferry that takes you across the river to the city.

In conclusion, Perth offers several incredible vantage points to enjoy stunning views of the city. Whether you prefer a park, a riverfront, or a combination of both, these locations provide unforgettable perspectives of Perth City’s beauty.

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